Business Law

We bring 25 years experience assisting start-ups and emerging market businesses all the way to Fortune 100 publicly traded companies. Deal size has ranged from the tens of thousands to single transactions valued at more than $3 billion. We help companies grow by way of acquisitions, mergers, financings from angles, venture, private equity and strategic partners.

We bring our experience to bear whether one is starting out, experiencing rapid growth, or looking to capitalize on a new opportunity. Furthermore, we know that from time to time, some businesses experience a setback. We are there to counsel companies in those situations to determine the best legal and business approach to bring that business back into the black.

We help in the formation and entity structure, mergers, acquisitions, capital acquisition by way of loans, grants or equity infusion from angels, venture or private equity. We will even use our experience as former general counsel and chief of staff at the Ohio Department of Development to work to attract government assistance in the form of grants, tax credits, and other sorts of special financing.


Executive Advisory Services

Executive Advisory Services emanated out of a need observed while Washbush Business Law was providing legal needs and counseling to its clients.  Many business owners have few advisors they can turn to for counsel on such matters as:

  • Preparing for a sale
  • Execution of a business plan
  • Dealing with board of directors
  • Transitioning business to another segment
  • Delegation and holding employees accountable
  • Strategic planning
  • Key performance evaluation
  • C-suite advisory

Oftentimes a business leader needs trusted counsel with whom to share confidential information and to strategize about business growth opportunities, employee issues, board interaction, and general issues - all of which relate to stabilizing or growing their business.

Unless the company has the budget to engage a national or regional advisory firm, this need is often unfulfilled.  Most service providers are woefully inadequate, uninterested or prohibited by their organizations from providing such counsel.

We do not coach.  We have thoughtful interaction limited to business owners or CEOs reporting to a board of directors.  Our services range from advice to helping on the execution.

Here is a brief sampling of recent engagements:

  • Assist CEO in driving the board of directors rather than being driven by the board. Established committees to focus on strategy and other outcomes. Tasked committees with specific responsibility. Now have engaged board tied to the CEO’s vision
  • Assist not for profit CEO in delegation of duties and holding employees accountable
  • Worked with CEO on transitioning part of the business to a new market which represented a greater sale multiple
  • Counseled several clients on a one-year get-ready-to-sell-the-business strategy
  • Worked with family business to transition business from one generation to the next
  • Helped to establish core values and a culture of success
  • Advised a struggling business on a turnaround strategy
  • Serve as confidential advisor to a number of CEOs/business owners on the day to day trials and tribulations of running a business

Cyber Law

Cyber breaches are a growing problem and most companies are ill-prepared to deal with a breach. We see it every day. While we are often called to work with companies once breaches have occured, we believe there is a better approach.

That is why we offer a collaborative approach to your data security so as to prevent most cyber catastrophic events and to more effective deal with those that are not preventable. Our Cybersecurity Audit allows us to team with other professionals to offer you a fixed fee approach. The Audit results is a detailed report from which you can execute an effective plan.

We meet with key company leaders, which often includes the board of directors while we review key contracts for the appropriate provisions when dealing with vendors and suppliers. We review board governance documents, disaster recovery plans, employee handbooks, and training polices.